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It is said that people who are equally yoked and have similar backgrounds stand the best chance at maintaining a long, lasting and loving relationship. Our diverse and rich cultures, history and individual experiences have a huge role to play in this.

No more excuses... Straight Black Love helps you cross paths with the people you otherwise may not have met in your busy day to day lives, but it is up to you to ignite that flame!


The fastest growing community of black singles worldwide.


Profiles are moderated upon sign-up and users can block and report profiles with one click. The integrity of our platform is important to us and we have zero tolerance on abuse.


When the people speak, we listen! If you are looking to make real connections with real people, you are in the right place.


We unite like-minded black singles of various cultures in African and the African diaspora community. So whether you’re looking to create a blended family with another single parent, somebody very religious or not at all, somebody vegan or another fit fanatic... we are confident that you can find your match with Straight Black Love.

With Straight Black Love’s extended search feature, you can filter your search based on almost anything on a profile; education, location, interests …to name a few.. Our match calculator will show you how similar you are with your matches based on your intellect, physics and hobbies.

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Whether in England, Toronto, Maryland, Accra or anywhere in between, Straight Black Love is dedicated to helping African singles all around the world find their complements.

The SBL Dating platform boasts thousands of members from all around the world; and with our numbers growing daily, we are confident that whether you are looking for love locally or a plane ride away, we will have the perfect fit for you.


We are dedicated to success, which means we want nothing more than to match as many serious black singles as possible. Register today to find that special someone on Straight Black Love.


We are continuously working on our matchmaking algorithm and unique marketing methods to deliver the most relevant singles based on your preferences.

Meet Black Singles

We are a global people! Whether you want to find somebody on your doorstep or plan on moving half way across the world... we’ve got you!

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We Care for your Mission

Whether you are new to online dating or not, we want to ensure that your online dating experience is a smooth, safe, and stress free mission, one that you and your future other half will be proud to tell everyone about. Our new Get Verified feature will help you seperate the real from the fake!.

There are real people behind this platform :-) so whatever your concern, we are here to help you. Just shoot us an email or catch Us online and we will always assist you as best as we can.