1.0 What are Super Powers?

All new users receive 3 days FREE of Super Powers

With this free trial you can enjoy all the paid features of the site before deciding if you want to pay for them or stay in free-mode when the time is up.

Super Powers allow you to hide ads, see who's liked your profile, browse invisibly, search with advanced filter options and hide your profile. These features may be useful to some people but unnecessary for another.



1.1 What are SBL Credits?

All new users receive 250 FREE SBL Credits (150 upon sign up - 100 after profile completion) - these are the currency used on our platform, SBL Credits allow you to:


  • Boost your profile  (150 credits) in the searches (be seen by more singles!)
  • Appear in the user spotlight (150 credits) (be seen by everybody in your search radius)
  • Send messages ( 1 credit per message )


1.1.5 Why does it now cost 1 credit to send messages?

As you know, our platform is dedicated to helping black singles who are serious about finding love and marriage rather than simply hooking up. We found that when the amount of messages is limited (250 free credits = 250 messages) people are more selective about who they message and what they say in the message. Small talk is fun and all but this method prompts deeper conversation, less time wasting and lowers the engagement of people playing the numbers game. In addition, our voice and video calls are completely FREE to all users so it isn't as if we are trying to limit you. We want you to make meaningful connections and that involves more personal means of communication - call him/her, video him/her, meet him/her - you can't text forever!


1.2 How do I know when my Super Powers have run out?

You can see when your Super Powers run out by going to your settings. Additionally, you will receive an email stating when they have run out whether from your free trial or paid subscription.



1.3 I am getting too many emails, how do I turn off unnecessary emails?

You can turn on/off specific email notifications in your settings.



1.4 I don't want to recurr my Super Powers purchase any longer, how do I cancel it?

You can cancel your Super Powers subcription at any time from your PayPal dashboard, under the Subscription/Renewals section.

Here is a step by step guide:



1.5 How do I change my email address?

You can change your email address, change your password and delete your profile from your settings both on mobile and desktop.

Reminder: Deleting your profile will not end your PayPal subscription, please see above.



1.6 How do I change my gender or what gender I am looking for?

If you chose the wrong gender when you signed up you will have to request to have it changed via: socials@straightblacklove.com

The option to choose which gender you are interested in doesn't exist as this site is geared towards heterosexual singles. When selecting your gender you are automaticlaly matched with members of the opposite sex.



 1.7 Why does this site only cater to heterosexual black singles?

There are many niche dating sites that exist today, each serving their own purpose. The purpose of Straight Black Love is to connect like-minded heterosexual singles of Afrikan descent hoping to build meaningful, lasting relationships and families; all our events and workshops are geared towards #RebuildingTheBlackFamily, this is what our busines model is built upon.



 1.8 How do I change my search area and distance?

To change the county, city, town and/or distance click the search icon at the top and proceed to enter ammendments.



1.9 How do I change my Username?

You can change your username  and location from your main profile page.



1.10 Why does the SBL Dating App need access to my camera roll/gallery?

In order to upload profile photos directly from your phone, SBL Dating needs to access your photos.
If you declined access to your photos and wish to change that, go to the 'Settings' menu on your phone, navigate to SBL Dating, and enable photo access.



1.11 How do use the advanced search feature?

The advanced search feature is one of the features that you have access to if you have Super Powers enabled on your account. To use this feature, simply navigate to the match menu/search and scroll down to the 'advanced search/extended search' button.

You then have upto three filters you can add to your basic search.

For example. Practiced Religion, Children, Education.



1.12 How do i change my main picture?

To update your main profile picture, upload the new photo you wish to change it to then navigate to the photos tab on your profile, select the photo you wish to change it to



1.13 Why was my photo not approved?

Only photos which follow our guidelines will be approved and repeated uploads of failed photos that violate these requirements will result in the deletion of your account and in some cases a banned IP address.

Photos MUST;


  • be clear (not blurry or a photo of a photo)
  • be of you (not a celebrity, not a meme, not a caricature or drawing)
  • show your face clearly (nothing obstructing your eyes ie. sunglasses, hats etc.)
  • not have any Snapchat type filters i.e animal ears etc.
  • not have any children in it
  • not contain any pornographic material (Account will be deleted and blocked)
  • not be of a group of people unless cropped / all of their faces are blurred out.

1.13.5 My photo was declined, it IS of me but I have a filter, so what?

Please only upload photos which most accurately represent you. In the event that you use photo filters, this may be noticed by one of our moderators resulting in the photo being declined. For best practices please use unedited photos of yourself as you would like other users to use photos which accurately represent them also.


1.14 What do these graphs mean and why don't I have them on my profile?


The graphs represent the match percentages you share with the other person based on how you have both filled out your profile.
Your graph is automatically generated depending on who is viewing your profile and in the same way that you can see others' they can see your.

In order for this feature to be really useful in matching it is recommended that all users complete their profiles.



1.15 Why am I only seeing a few search results?

Your search results may be limited due to the questionnaire you complete during the sign up process. If people have not completed their profile to answer those questions, they will not show up. To ensure you do not miss any potential matches it is best to clear these filters using the 'Extended Search' function. 




1.16 How do I unlike somebody I accidentally swiped right on?

You can unlike them by visiting their profile and clicking the like button or star button.